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The recent discovery of superconductivity in a new class of compounds, Iron- and Nickel-based oxypnictides, is really exiting and is stimulating extensive experimental and theoretical studies. This family of compounds has two-dimensional layered structure, similar to cuprates. On the other hand, both the Tc up to 55 K (by present record) and the Fe-(Ni)-containing characteristic, which is always related to magnetism, make the systems physically particular. More and more results suggest that the superconductivity realized here is unconventional. Within a very short period (couple of months), lots of fascinating phenomena are characterized, such as the high Tc, competing orders and SDW instability, dome-shaped phase diagram, multi-orbital nature, coexistence of magnetism and superconductivity, and etc. We expect that more results will come out in the coming months.


Being steadily intriguing for some days, the subject appears to call for deeper discussion and broader communication among world-wide scientists. For this purpose, we are going to organize an international workshop on the Iron-Nickel-based superconductors, kindly supported by the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. We schedule the workshop from Oct. 17 to 19, the best season in Beijing and also just after the Olympic Games. The detailed information will be included in the forthcoming email and the website: http://lecp.iphy.ac.cn/meeting/index.htm


We greatly appreciate your attendance and hope that you would be able to participate in the workshop and share your impressive contributions.


Prof. Zhong-Xian Zhao, IoP, CAS

Prof. Lu Yu, IoP, CAS.


Organizing committee:

Prof. N. L. Wang, IoP, CAS

 Prof. H. H. Wen, IoP, CAS

 Prof. Tao Xiang, IoP, CAS

 Prof. Zhong Fang, IoP, CAS




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