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Beijing International Workshop on Iron-(Nickel)-Based Superconductors


Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

October 17 to 19, 2008, Beijing, China


October 16, 2008




October 17, 2008

Chair: Zhong-Xian Zhao

08:30--08:40 Opening

08:40--09:05 Hideo Hosono (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Layered iron/nickel pnictide superconductors: discovery and current status

09:05--09:30 Zhi-An Ren (Institute of Physics, CAS)

Iron-arsenide superconductors: the 2nd high-Tc family

09:30--09:55  Xian-Hui Chen (USTC)

Superconductivity and phase diagram in Fe-based superconductors

09:55--10:20  Ching-Wu Chu (UH, HKUST, LBL)

Study of Fe-pnictide superconductors in Houston

10:20--10:50 Break


  Chair: Yasutomo J. Uemura

10:50--11:15 Hai-Hu Wen (Institute of Physics, CAS)

Superconductivity in hole doped Oxy-Arsenide and La doped Fluorine-Arsenide

11:15--11:40 Wai-Kwong Kwok (Argonne National Laboratory)

Caloric determination of the upper critical field and anisotropy of superconducting ferrous pnictide single crystals

11:40--12:05 Hiroki Takahashi (Nihon University)

High-pressure studies on superconductivity in RFeAsO1-xFx (R=La, Sm) and F-doped LaFePO

12:05--13:50 Lunch


  Chair: Fuchun Zhang

13:50--14:15 Marvin L. Cohen (University of California)

Electrons, phonons, and electron-phonon interactions in iron oxypnictides

14:15--14:40 K. Terakura (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

Puzzling features of magnetic state of mother materials

14:40--15:05 Zhong Fang (Institute of Physics, CAS)

Competing orders: lattice, spin and orbital degree of freedoms in FeAs-Based compounds studied by Gutzwiller Density Functional Theory

15:05--15:30 Zhong-Yi Lu (Renmin University of China)

Collinear (Bi-collinear) antiferromagnetic order in iron-pnictides (chalcogenides)

15:30--16:00 Break


  Chair: Jeff Lynn

16:00--16:25 Dong-Hui Lu (Stanford University)

ARPES study of iron-based superconductors

16:25--16:50  Hong Ding (Institute of Physics, CAS)

Pairing symmetry of iron-based superconductors revealed by ARPES

16:50--17:15  Dong-Lai Feng(Fudan University)

Band structure and electronic signature of the spin density waves in 122-iron-pnictides

17:15--17:40 Takeshi Kondo (Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University)

Band structure and strong coupling superconductivity in single crystal NdFeAsO1-xFx and Ba1-xKxFe2As2 studied by angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy

19:00--20:00  Banquet



October 18, 2008

  Chair:  J. Karpinski

08:30--08:55  Dirk Johrendt (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit)

Superconductivity and crystal chemistry of BaFe2As2 and related 122-materials

08:55--09:20  Chang-Qing Jin (Institute of Physics, CAS)

Superconductivity in LiFeAs

09:20-- 09:45  Maw-Kuen Wu (Institute of Physics, Academica Sinica)

Physical properties of superconducting α-phase iron selinide

09:45--10:10  Hiroshi Eisaki (AIST)

High pressure synthesis and superconducting properties of LnFeAsO1-y

10:10--10:35  Break


  Chair: Maw-Kuen Wu

10:35--11:00 Jeff Lynn (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Recent neutron results on the iron arsenide family of superconductors

11:00--11:25  Peng-Cheng Dai (UT / ORNL)

Magnetic order close to superconductivity in the iron-based layered RFeAsO1-xFx (R = La, Ce) and SrFe2As2 systems

11:25--11:50  Wei Bao (Los Alamos National Lab)

Structural and magnetic properties of the Fe-based superconductor systems

11:50--12:15  Yasutomo J. Uemura (Columbia University)

MuSR studies of the FeAs systems and comparisons with other superconductors in an energy-scale phenomenology

12:15--13:50  Lunch


  Chair: Dong-Hai Lee

13:50--14:15 Nan-Lin Wang (Institute of Physics, CAS)

Superconductivity and spin-density-wave instability in FeAs-based systems

14:15--14:40  Suchitra E. Sebastian (Cavendish Laboratory)

Quantum oscillations in the parent magnetic phase of FeAs-based superconductors

14:40--15:05 Xing-Jiang Zhou (Institute of Physics, CAS)

ARPES on electronic structure and superconducting gap of (A,K)Fe2As2 (A=Ba,Sr)

15:05--15:30  Kosuke Nakayama (Tohoku University)

Electronic structure of Ba1-xKxFe2As2 studied by high-resolution ARPES

15:30--16:00  Break


  Chair:  K. Terakura

16:00--16:25  Dung-Hai Lee (University of California)

Functional renormalization group studies of the pairing symmetry of iron pnictides

16:25--16:50  Shou-Cheng Zhang (Stanford University)

Possible time reversal symmetry breaking ground state in the FeAs superconductors

16:50--17:15  Fu-Chun Zhang (The University of Hong Kong)

Strong coupling theory for superconducting iron pnictides

17:15--17:40 Qi-Miao Si (Rice University)

Electronic correlations and magnetic frustration in the iron pnictides



October 19, 2008

  Chair: Hiroki Takahashi

08:30--08:55  J. Karpinski (ETH)

Single crystals of RFeAsO1-xFy (R = Sm, Nd, Gd, La): high pressure growth, structure and superconducting properties

08:55--09:20  Andreas Kreyssig (Ames Laboratory)

Magnetic and structural phase transitions in AFe2As2 (A = Ca, Sr, Ba) for ambient and applied pressure

09:20-- 09:45  Filip Ronning (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Superconductivity in BaNi2As2, SrNi2As2, and CaFe2As2

09:45--10:10 Helge Rosner (MPI-CPFS)

Superconductivity, magnetism and electronic structure of SrFe2As2 and related compounds

10:10--10:35  Break


  Chair: David C. Larbalestier

10:35--11:00  Kenji Ishida (Kyoto University)

75As- and 139La-NMR studies on LaFeAs(O1-xFx)

11:00--11:25  Guo-Qing Zheng (Okayama University)

Spin-singlet superconductivity with multiple gaps in the Fe (Ni)-based superconductors

11:25--11:50 Takashi Imai (McMaster University)

Magnetic and superconducting properties of the electron-doped Ba(Fe2-xCox)As2

11:50--12:15  Zhu-An XuZhejiang University)

Superconductivity induced by Co and Ni doping in 1111 and 122 phases

12:15--13:50  Lunch



Chair: Shou-Cheng Zhang

13:50--14:15  Ryotaro Arita (University of Tokyo)

Unconventional pairing originating from disconnected Fermi surfaces in iron-pnictides

14:15--14:40  Jiang-Ping Hu (Purdue University)

The zeroth order theory of iron-based high temperature superconductors

14:40--15:05  Zi-Dan Wang (The University of Hong Kong)

Theoretical exploration of spin-density-wave states and superconductivity in iron arsenides

15:05--15:30  David C. Larbalestier (Florida State University)

Upper critical field, anisotropy, pinning and intergranular properties in 1111 and 112 pnictides

15:30--16:00  Break


  Chair: Zhong Fang

16:00--16:25  Luis Balicas (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory)

Probing multi-band superconductivity and magnetism in SmFeAsO0.8F0.2 single crystals by high-field vortex torque magnetometry

16:25--16:50  Stephen Weyeneth (Physics Institute, University of Zurich)

Temperature dependent anisotropy of SmFeAsO1-xFy single crystals studied by torque magnetometry

16:50--17:15  Koichi Kitazawa (Japan Science and Technology Agency)

Superconductivity revolution and the global warming

17:15--17:40  Concluding Remarks



October20, 2008

Departure Day









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