Name Title Tel E-mail
Nan-Lin Wang Director/Professor +86-10-82649584
Chang-Qing Jin Vice-Director/Professor +86-10-82649163
Ming-Xiang Pan Vice-Director/Professor +86-10-82649298


Scientific Council


Name Institute Tel E-mail
Lu Yu The Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences  +86-10-82649325


Name Institute Tel E-mail
Yu-Peng Wang The Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences  +86-10-82649345
He-Guang Mao Geophysical Lab, Carnegie Institution, USA
Nan-Lin Wang The Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences +86-10-82649584
Tao Xxiang The Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences +86-10-82648010
Li Lu The Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences +86-10-82649151
Wei-Hua Wang The Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences +86-10-82649198
Yue Wu University of North Carolina 001-919-962-0307
Rui-Rui Du Rice University Physics & Astronomy 1-713-348-5780
Guang-Tian Zou Jilin university 0431-5168823
Guang-Ming  Zhang Tsinghua university  62783044
Yu-Heng Zhang University of science and technology of China  0551-3602808
Dian-Lin Zhang The Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 82649240 
Zhong-Xian Zhao The Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 82649190 
Wen-Rui Hu Institute of mechanics, Chinese academy of sciences 62558226 
Guo-Qing Zheng The Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 82648058  
Fu- Qian Jing China academy of engineering physics 0816-2484720
Duo Jin The Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 82649581
Hai-Hu Wen The Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 82649474 
Shou-Sheng Yan Peking University 62752395 
Chang-Qing Jin The Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 82649163
H. Godfrin   CRTBT/CNRS, France 
Key Laboratory of Extreme Conditions Physics, Institute of Physics, CAS
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